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What is Earned Wage Access?1

Earned Wage Access,1 allows you to access a portion of your pay before payday through your Wisely® card.

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Is there a cost to use Earned Wage Access?1

There is no cost to transfer your earned wages into your Wisely account. See your Wisely Cardholder Agreement and Disclosure or the Earned Wage Access1 Terms & Conditions in Account Settings for more information about fees that may apply related to transactions you may choose to make with your Wisely account.

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How do I transfer earned wages to my Wisely card?

To transfer your available earned wages:

  1. Log into the myWisely app4 or online at myWisely.com
  2. Tap or click the transfer arrows in the upper right corner and select “Transfer Money”
  3. Select “From Earned Wage Access”
  4. Select “To Wisely card”
  5. Enter the amount to transfer
  6. Confirm your transfer to complete the transaction

Your funds will be available in your Wisely card account almost instantly.

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Why was my direct deposit account changed?

When you opted-in for Earned Wage Access,1 you agreed that 100% of your pay would be directed to your Wisely account. This does not affect the timing or accuracy of you receiving your pay. See the Earned Wage Access1 Terms & Conditions in Account Settings for more information.

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