Wisely member benefits help you 
get more for your money

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Get early direct deposit2 to better manage your money

With early direct deposit, you can get paid up to 2 days early.2 Get early pay from multiple jobs, government benefits, and tax refunds, too. Best yet? Take your Wisely prepaid debit card with you, even if you change jobs.6

Avoid hidden fees and minimums1

With Wisely there are no minimum balance fees1 or fees on everyday spending. No annual fees, overdraft fees, or fees for in-network ATMs7 either. When there are certain types of fees associated with your card, you can count on us to be transparent about it.

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Protect yourself against debit card fraud8

Certain transactions are protected by either the Visa® or Mastercard® Zero Liability Policy.9 Real-time alerts and ability to lock your card offer more control. Certain cards come with EMV chip technology (an upgrade feature)6 for added protection.

Earn rewards for all the ways you like to shop

Use your Wisely card wherever Visa debit card or Debit Mastercard is accepted. Plus, get cash back rewards5 at thousands of participating retailers and when you buy eGift cards through myWisely. Add your card to your digital wallet for contact-less payments.

man using myWisely app to check Rainy Day savings progress

Meet your budgeting and savings goals

Schedule payments and pay your bills4 securely with online bill payment. View and track payment history all in one place. Save with our savings envelope10 that lets you automatically set aside money into categories.

Move money when and where you need it

Get funds at thousands of surcharge-free, in-network ATMs7 nationwide. Send and receive6 funds from Venmo and PayPal, plus transfer money from your Wisely account to external accounts. Easily add secondary cards11 for family members.

Backed by the company that pays 1 in 6 private sector workers in the U.S.

Trust comes with Wisely. That’s because we’re backed by ADP, the payroll processing company with 70 years of experience helping to ensure people get paid accurately and on time.

FinTech Futures PayTech Awards 2023 Finalist

FinTech Breakthrough Awards 2023 Banking Innovation Award

FinTech Futures Banking Tech Awards 2023 Winner

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Upgrade6 (at no cost)12 to get 
the most out of Wisely

If you’re currently using your Wisely prepaid debit card to receive direct deposit3 from your employer, you might be eligible for an upgrade.6

Why upgrade?

  • Get full access to Wisely card features.
  • Add funds6 to your card at 90,000+ retailers.
  • Take your card to your next job, too.
  • It won’t cost you a thing.

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Why choose a Wisely card?

A Wisely prepaid debit card gives you more flexibility and control so you can accomplish your everyday financial goals.

No annual or minimum balance fees, and no overdraft fees.1

With no monthly minimums, no fees on everyday spending, and no overdraft fees,1 Wisely members can do more with their money. Use your Wisely account just for paying bills,4 setting aside savings,10 or earning cash back rewards.5

No credit check needed, and no impact on your credit score.13

You don’t have to worry with Wisely. When we verify your identity, we do so without checking your credit or impacting your score in any way. We help you get on your way as a Wisely member, quickly and easily.

Secure transactions and protection from debit card fraud.8

We take security seriously so we have safeguards in place like card lock, protection against unauthorized charges,8 and travel notifications. Just call us if your card has been lost or stolen, or you notice suspicious activity on your account. 

Backed by ADP, the industry leader in payments.

Count on getting paid with Wisely by ADP, wherever your employment path leads. While you may have received your prepaid debit card through your employer, the card is yours to keep - even if you change jobs.6

People love Wisely

From easy ways to save, to money management on the go – here’s what our customers are saying.

“I enjoy receiving my pay early so I can pay my bills more easily. I also enjoy having a little cash.”


“[The Wisely app] is easy to use, the savings envelope feature is pretty great, and I like that I can lock my card if anything were to happen.”

— Shaun f.

“Each week I can pay a bill coming due, set aside more in a rainy day or emergency fund, or have the comfort of having the remaining balance on the card to buy fuel, for example.”

— Kathryn m.

Sign up in minutes — at no cost.1

No minimum balance fees. No overdraft fees1 either. And no credit check13 so no impact on your credit score.

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