Plan today for tomorrow's unplanned.

Set up automatic transfer to your Savings Envelope,1 for when life hands you unexpected expenses, like car repairs or even a last-minute trip.

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Let’s make that emergency savings fund happen.

With as little as $10 per paycheck you can build up to over $500 a year for unexpected expenses.

You should set two goals:

  1. Build your Liquid Savings Fund, between $100-1000. Use it for everyday emergencies like unexpected car repairs. Then rebuild.
  2. Build your full Emergency Fund once your Liquid Savings Fund is comfortably sized. This is your safety net in the event of prolonged income loss and is recommended to cover 3-6 months’ of expenses.
Managing Money

Manage your money easily in one place.

We’re here to help take the stress out of managing your money. That means boosting your financial savvy, keeping track of your finances 24/7, and categorizing your spending in the myWisely® app.2

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"I don't have to remind myself to move money over, it just does it for me."

— Stella G.

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"It's nice to have a little extra pinch of my check hidden from me so I don't spend everything all at once."

— Cortney N.

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"Very easy to transfer money and create customizable categories for savings potential."

— Tabitha S.

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