It’s your tax refund.
Put it to work for you.

Get an early1 tax refund for better money management.

Pay bills4 early and on time

Get ahead of your bills and avoid late fees.

Earn cash back5 on your shopping

Earn cash back rewards where you love to shop, dine, and travel.

Save3 for what’s important

Save for what matters, like emergency savings or a vacation.

See what you can do with
your early1 tax refund.


Get Your Tax refund by direct deposit2

4 easy steps to a quick tax refund

  1. If you have a Wisely Pay card, be sure to upgrade your card8 (at no cost7). If you already have an upgraded Wisely Pay card or a Wisely Direct card, skip to step 2.
  2. Go to the Direct Deposit screen and find your Wisely account number and routing number.
  3. Enter the numbers in the refund section of your tax return.
  4. Select “checking” as your refund type on your tax return.


Tip: Set up account alerts in the myWisely app6 so you’ll know when your tax refund has been direct deposited to your card.


Expecting a nice big refund?

Be sure to check your card load limits in advance.

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Need to upgrade8 your Wisely Pay card to set up direct deposit2 of your refund?

If you have a Wisely Pay card, be sure to upgrade your card (at no cost7). Log in to the myWisely app6 or the website and look for the Upgrade button.

Learn more about upgrade features

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Got Wisely Direct or an upgraded Wisely Pay Card?

You’re eligible to get tax refunds via direct deposit2. Get started now by accessing your account information.

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