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How do I activate my card?

Once you’ve received your card, you will need to activate it and set your PIN (Personal Identification Number) using the myWisely® app by visiting mywisely.com. For your security purposes, do not use personal information as your PIN.

You may also call to activate your card. Wisely Pay members: 1-866-313-6901, Wisely Direct members: 1-866-313-9029, Wisely Cash members: 1-877-431-5860

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How do I receive my pay directly onto my card?

Visit your employer portal and click on the Direct Deposit tile to follow instructions.

If you don’t have access to an employer portal, contact your employer’s HR representative to enroll in direct deposit2 and provide your Wisely card’s routing and account numbers.

You can find the routing and account number for your Wisely card by downloading the myWisely mobile app7 or logging into mywisely.com.

Go to your account settings, then tap or click “Account Numbers”. You can also download the myWisely app7 and opt in to get paid up to 2 days early14 with direct deposit at no extra cost.18 For more information click here.

Upgrade17 may be required to add pay from other sources other than the employer who isssued your card. Learn more

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Where can I get the myWisely® app?

The myWisely app7 can be downloaded from either the Apple® or Google Play store:

App StorePlay Store

Use the app7 to access your account anywhere, anytime: check your balance, view transaction history, find nearby ATMs or see spending trends while you’re on the go.

NOTE: The myWisely® mobile app7 is only available on devices using the following versions:
iPhone (iOS 10.0 or later)
Android (5.0 and up) devices

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What are the benefits of upgrading my card?

Upgraded17 members get access to premium features that allow you to load funds to your cards from a variety of places: Second jobs and government benefits directly deposited at no cost18. You can also add cash in-store. How do I add cash to my card?

After upgrading, you can also opt in to get paid up to 2 days early14 with direct deposit on the myWisely app7 or mywisely.com. Learn all the benefits of upgrading your card.

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Wisely Pay Only

Can I automate my savings?

Yes! In the myWisely app7 or myWisely.com, you can tell us to automatically move a specific dollar amount each month, or a dollar amount or percentage of each paycheck.

You can turn this on or off at any time.

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How does a secondary member activate their card?

To activate it and set a PIN (Personal Identification Number), the secondary member can use the myWisely® app7 or visit mywisely.com. The secondary member may also call to activate their card; Wisely Pay members: 1-866-313-6901, Wisely Direct members: 1-866-313-9029. You can locate the card type on back of the card in small print on the lower half. Secondary members will use their personal information, such as Social Security Number, to activate their Wisely card.

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