Certain purchases (hotels, restaurants, car rentals, gas stations, etc.) require pre-authorization and may temporarily hold money from your card balance that would be greater than the actual purchase amount once the purchase is processed.

The money will be released, and your balance will be adjusted. Availability of the pre-authorized money could take up several days to be released into your card balance.

Gas Stations. When using your card at gas stations, it is best to prepay for the exact amount at the cashier. If you pay at the pump, a hold of up to $100 or more may be placed on your card. This hold may last up to 5 days. (Hold times may vary depending on the merchant.)

Restaurants. Restaurants may automatically add up to 25% or more to your bill to cover a tip. If you do not have a sufficient balance on your card to cover the amount, the transaction will be declined.

Hotels may place a hold on your account for your room reservation. It is typically released upon checkout but may last up to a couple of weeks.

Why does the pre-authorization hold times differ?
Some merchants may require different authorization hold times. The above information is a reference and not a guarantee of hold length.

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