You can browse eligible Dosh cash back 15 rewards by launching the Dosh experience within the myWisely app7:

  1. Click ‘Wisely Rewards’ in the main menu
  2. Click ‘Cash Back – Purchases’ on the ‘Wisely Rewards’ landing screen
  3. If you have already opted-into the ‘Cash Back – Purchases’ program, the Dosh experience will immediately launch
  4. If you have not previously opted-in, you must click the ‘Opt in’ button at the bottom of the ‘Cash Back – Purchases’ screen and then click ‘Accept’ on the subsequent ‘Terms & Conditions’ screen. The Dosh experience will launch after ‘Accept’ is clicked
  5. From the Dosh experience, you can browse through all eligible cash back15 offers based on local and/or merchant.
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